Trinity – A Poem

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had one of those conversations

you know

the ones where everything is fine

and then suddenly

we seem to take a left turn

because I turned coy

or you turned wary

and we are battling somehow


and so you do what you do

shutting down

avoiding that thing

you don’t want to talk about

locking a door on it

which was incredibly unfair

to a girl

who is all about communication

who wants to know

because truth is

what you value

so I want your truth

and so

this night

with so much invested

cannot be a night

where I let it go

and so

it’s time to pull out the big guns

you know, the strategy

I pride myself upon

and so

shifting into a discussion on fairness

and communication

asking my holy One to help us

find our way through

we do

even though it takes us deep into the night

and you stay with me

through hours

finding our way

back to the sweetest place

of intimacy

hearts open

soft and sweet

heaven breathing upon us

as we make our way


in the wee hours of night

your voice in my ear

sexy soft and deep

masculine honey

beguiling my being

seducing me

staying with me


the frequency that is us

where no one

except The One





and then we feel it

that erotic pull

our mutual heart


magnetic and raw

yet exhausted from talking

for hours

making our way through

and still

here we are




deeper penetration

of us

and so we swim

that sweet place we know

where we go

you know

that holy ground

filled with darkness and light


volcanic fire

and as I’m sitting in darkness

your voice in my ear

as I take us

where we need to go

and suddenly

The One is there

and they

all around me

in sparkling energetic light

red and blue

in white light

a bubble of angelic power

cocooning us

the dark is alive

all around


and blessing

our communion

the consummation

a holy magic

sexual surrender of all

surrender in awe

of you



and all that is

and was

and will be

is there with

erotic blessing

oh yes

my eyes do see

heaven all around me

in love

for love

by Love

my body rises

in sweet ecstasy

so you

so me

so we

as One

in holy Trinity

and this

this bliss

is true

and love

and you

and me

and we

and all that is

in the night

as dawn approaches




©Rory Kelly Connor 2016

Poetry inspired by life and love.

All rights reserved.



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