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Upcoming Convo with Jeneth Blackert

Events, Media

This will be a fabulous kickass session! Hello, You Beautiful Being! I’m writing to you today to let you know about my upcoming free interactive group session hosted by the brilliant and dynamic Jeneth Blackert. When I’m invited to…

Making Love in Colorado

Blog, Inspiration

Yes, making love. You read that right. In Colorado. Sounds juicy, right? It was. (see pics below) As you might have guessed, I recently returned from a vacation to one of my favorite places. I have been there before,…

Burn the Candles


Burn the candles. Drink good wine. Use the bubble bath. Buy the flowers. Take the trip. Write the love letter. Make snow angels. Tell her you love her. Go ahead and cry. French kiss soulfully. Share holy erotic. Lose…