Superficial is a Lie


Don’t ask me.
And if you do,
it’s a lie.

Together, we have gone
to the depths of all and awe.
This emotional intimacy that is us, we…
It is a living, loving thing.

We cannot undo
the entanglement you desired,
I desired with you,
We created through orgasms of consciousness.

Your intensity made love to me
A wind of ecstasy in color and light
My body rising
to your Soul’s demands.

Your love demanded deeper and deeper openings.
Your love invaded,
in and out, in and out,
No place inside of me was safe from your awe-full hunger.

Repeatedly, you came,
your consciousness seeing,
Every nuance, every weakness, each twist of truth.
Your love and desire refused to let me hide.

Then one day, my walls lay in dust at my feet,
I reached to you filled with stormy fear and angst.
Your loving kindness
overwhelmed me with its sweetness.

Yes, the warrior, in adoration and supplication,
I wept at your feet…
I would wash them, kiss them,
dry them with my hair.

Then, when you got what you demanded,
It frightened you
a love so real, so full, the angels sing
So you detached and ran away.

Your heart’s desires commanded you to come
Back to the heart and soul that knows your holy name
And so you came, again and again and again,
never saying my name.

No, I will not betray you, betray our love.
No, no, no, I will not live that lie.
I let every obstacle to love die for love,
but I will not let pieces of me die for a lie.

No, don’t ask me.
I don’t do that thing,
won’t do that thing.
Superficial is a lie.

© Rory Kelly Connor 2016
Poetry inspired by life & love

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