Staying in Love – Online Course (6 Modules)

An Exclusive Online Course



Rory Kelly Connor



Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. By harnessing the power of love and learning how to move into love and stay in love, you can change your life.

This course will teach you how to remove significant obstacles to love within you.

This Course is all about bringing you back to love. Moving you UP toward love. It guides you to see dissonance and frequencies within you that are not love. It helps you identify interference and friction, false teachings and misconceptions. It teaches you specific methods to reclaim your power and stand in love. It shares higher truths that align you with the love that you are.

And there are divine meditations / activations that will liberate you every step of the way.

Do you want to learn how to stay in love?





Working with Rory privately to access these teachings would cost $1097.

You get access to these lessons for only $97.






What’s Included


Module 1: Truth Talking

  • How your intentions are shaping your results
  • Let the truth set you free
  • How getting to the truth gets you to love
  • Identifying what is true and what is not true
  • How truth is love
  • How to get the results you desire
  • Using your power to move into love
  • Meditation / Love Activation


Module 2: Wounds and Heartbreak

  • Wounds verses scars
  • Heartbreak doesn’t mean you are broken
  • Healing wounds and heartbreak
  • Changing your story about wounds and heartbreak
  • Broken mind
  • The pain stops here
  • Using pain to move into love
  • Pain as liberator
  • The fastest way to transform and transmute pain
  • Releasing the memory of pain in the past, moving into love right now
  • Meditation / Love Activation


Module 3: Victim or Victor?

  • Identify your mindset
  • Victim consciousness is not love
  • Blame game
  • Re-victimizing your victim self
  • Moving out of Victim into love
  • Claiming victory
  • Becoming the Victor
  • Standing in your power is standing with love
  • You are love, which makes you powerful
  • Meditation / Love Activation


Module 4: Trinity

  • Understanding the sacred power of the trinity energy
  • Love operates as a trinity
  • Harness the power of the trinity to stand in love
  • Opening the portal to more love
  • Creating strength through balance of three points
  • If it’s not in trinity, it isn’t love
  • Your part of the trinity (and how it makes you more powerful)
  • Meditation / Love Activation


Module 5: Boundaries

  • What are boundaries?
  • Why you need them
  • Who sets the boundaries?
  • What broken boundaries feel like
  • Respecting boundaries
  • Why boundaries are love
  • What to do when your boundaries are crossed
  • Saying yes to yes and no to no
  • Communicating boundaries
  • Who is responsible for your boundaries?
  • How boundaries increase the power of love in your life
  • How boundaries transform your life into a life that you love
  • Meditation / Love Activation


Module 6: Universal Law

  • What is Universal Law?
  • How to harness Universal Law to align with love
  • Dissonance verses alignment
  • You are the Director
  • Creating the life you will love
  • Harnessing heaven to assist you
  • Faith as a power tool for love
  • Choosing love leads to staying in love
  • Meditation / Love Activation



This is unlike any other course you have taken.

The order of the lessons has been divined for you.

The messages and meditations are already

vibrating in anticipation of your attention.



Liberate yourself in 6 lessons for only $97.