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On the day I was born

God smiled as my parents divined

and I was given

my chosen name.


Each morning, as sun is risen,

the angels sang in illumination

to awaken my day

calling my sacred name.


I was baptized with water blessed

into holy church and faith

and celebrated by God

with my given name.


I entered school

where they taught the

power of words made manifest

and learned to write my name.


My parents gifted me

at the day of Holy Communion

with a golden keepsake bracelet

engraved with my beautiful name.


One fine June morning, I graduated,

in sweet noble ritual,

the leaders presenting a diploma

inscribed with my proud name.


And then one day, you came,

and came again, and again, and again,

sweet precious love exploding,

yet never saying my name.


My heart, confused and saddened,

found courage to speak

with heart surrendered longing,

Say my name, please say my name!


My most intimate request fell

upon a mind turning all things dark,

sweet vulnerable call for connection,

your lips and breath my name refused.


And day by thirsty, craving day,

perfect love died a bit each night,

your voice like hollow cups poured dry,

never spoke that sacred name.


Say my name…say my name…



©Rory Kelly Connor 2016

All rights reserved.

Poetry inspired by life & love.

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