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  • A Date with Love and Hate


    It took me nearly 15 years to go back again. I’d returned to work just a few blocks away the week after it happened. And once, I’d passed by the area…

  • I See You


    I see you. My blue eyes partner with my Inner Eye. I see your darkness and your pain. Sometimes I feel it, too, As if it were my own. Yet, I…

  • Are You Lovable?


    As I write this, February – otherwise known as the month of hearts and romance in many parts of the world – looms provocatively just over the horizon. It has me…

  • Blessed

    Blog, Poetry

    I am blessed. Love is all around me. My cup runs over. I am serene. I am excited. Joy embraces me. Passion knows my name. My sensuality beguiles me. My words…