I’m sitting here much bemused after a Soul Session with Rory – a combination of deep-process, soul-reading, and loving challenge that uncovered issues I’d only begun to edge toward in therapy…By the time we finished, I could see the foundations that needed to be laid for my dream to become possible…that I first needed to learn to love the Divine in myself. I deeply recommend Rory’s inspiring gift of helping the mind/body connect with the Soul and the inner Divine. Working with her is a gift of self-love, not to be missed.

~Phila Hoopes, Baltimore-based www.your-words-worth.com


Rory Kelly Connor has a very special and powerful way of helping you to ignite the passion in your soul. By asking provocative questions, she helps you get to the core of who you are. Her transformative approach digs deep into what excites you on every level – professionally, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally – and celebrates your gifts while identifying how to cultivate your message. Rory truly has a unique way of tapping into the Sexy Soul part of you and your business. Then add her expansive knowledge from her past marketing and PR career – a recipe that makes it all so much fun! I would highly recommend Rory and her Soul Sessions. What a gift she has…truly inspirational!!!

~Betsy Karp, The Colour Coach, NYC-based founder of www.thecolorcoach.me


In the words of Billy Joel, ‘She’s got a way about her. I don’t know what it is, but I know that I can’t live without her.’ You’re all about the flow – intuitively, passionately, and lovingly. As much as I — a grown-ass woman — may hate to admit it, I still have some nagging insecurities that seem to keep creeping up, stopping me from living my purpose on purpose. You’re like a personal trainer helping me strengthen areas of myself I haven’t exercised – sometimes ever! And I’m noticeably stronger! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your gift!”

~Amy Peloso, NYC-based www.thequeenbeenyc.com


Speaking to you was powerful and helpful! Thank you! You ARE a catalyst! You did electrify me in a good way. You are a gift to me and the world!

~Adam C., professional corporate speaker, Los Angeles


Thank you so much for serving as a facilitator at our event. Your sessions were very well received (both sold out!) and the attendees loved hearing your tips for visualizing and achieving a vision for the future. We appreciate your expertise!

~Maria Ungaro, New York Women in Communications (NYWICI), NYC


I love your clarity, insight, intelligence, boldness, directness, truth-saying, coaching style, toughness blended with softness. I cannot tell you how highly I value our relationship…I am beginning to understand more clearly why God brought us together. Thank you is waaaaaaaaay too small.

~Harold Aldrich, Tampa


Rory has an amazing ability to draw out of you that which goes beyond the surface. You will know and sense her support, accountability, and the highest standard of professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend Rory to anyone who needs clarity and support in achieving personal and professional goals.

~Sheeba Varghese, San Francisco www.coachsheeba.com


Thank you for helping me live out my career dreams! Since our conversations, I landed a full-time position at a large company. You made it clear to me that I had to take a leap and ask for the interview. And I couldn’t have gathered the courage without your guidance!

~Alison. S., Princeton


During my first session with Rory, she asked what had kept me from bringing my dream to life. I told her I felt inadequate about doing it properly. Thanks to Rory’s extensive know-how, enthusiasm and encouragement, I now feel a lot more than just adequate. Having her as my coach has helped me launch my dream in a very professional way. Knowing I have Rory to guide me, I feel there’s nothing I can’t do!

~Daylle Deanna Schwartz (RIP), bestselling author of more than 15 books, NYC


Rory is a fantastic coach who empowers you to face your fears and take life changing action. She challenged me to push beyond barriers in a kind & compassionate way. She led me to shift my perspective so that I now see strengths in myself that I hadn’t before. Rory is sharp, insightful, & brings a creative, solution-based approach to the work. I highly recommend her!

~Robin S., NYC


Rory, your presentation was outstanding and the topic such an important and universal one. We look forward to collaborating with you again in future!

~Melissa W., White Plains, NY