Evolving to Love


Evolving to Love – Rory’s Approach

In a world challenged by the destructive results of abuse of power, patriarchy and cultural dogma, many men and women are struggling to make sense of it all. They are wondering why the old ways don’t seem to work anymore. They are finding themselves increasingly alone or feeling misunderstood. They feel guilty for wanting something else filled with passion, purpose, sensual richness and connection. Mind-numbed by massive amounts of “self-help” maps and mantras, religious and political imperatives, lobbyist and corporate manipulations, they find themselves half-awake and lost in the woods.

Evidence that the world is broken is everywhere – in our countries, economies, societies, relationships, jobs, homes…and especially in our hearts and minds. The pain level is high. Hearts are broken in disillusionment and dogma. Minds are clogged and overwhelmed with a million contradictory thoughts that lead people in circles. Many feel trapped or stuck. People are stressed out with the constant need to win, be perfect, fit in, look good, feel good, be happy, follow the “rules.”

These and many more bits of dogma and self-help sales-ology (otherwise known as spin aka propaganda) have diminished and confused the authentic self within us so much so that people are indeed lost in the maze. In their businesses and careers, in their relationships and lives. Lost to themselves. Lost to each other. Lost to the intimate holy connection and relationships we all inherently crave. Instead of feeling happier and more empowered, people are feeling more imperfect, more unworthy, and more not enough (more is not always more, if you know what I mean).

This is why the desire – or more accurately, the craving – for clarity is constant in almost every call for help. People are frustrated and lost. They are angry. They are afraid. They are ashamed. And they are crying out for support and unconditional love.

Why do so many people feel alone and lost?

We have forgotten that we belong to each other, we have forgotten what love is.

Ergo the increasing disillusionment.

For only love is real.

Many people have learned new ways of thinking and dived deep into the self-help and empowerment zones. They have awakened in consciousness and learned how to silence the mind. Yet, still, they feel the pain, loneliness and confusion of misalignment and disconnection with a fractured world and a fractured people. For in making the mind king, they have lost heart. And love has lost its home.

Now is the time when we are called to forge a new way of being. This is the time of evolving to love.

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