Burn the Candles


Burn the candles.
Drink good wine.
Use the bubble bath.
Buy the flowers.
Take the trip.
Write the love letter.
Make snow angels.
Tell her you love her.
Go ahead and cry.
French kiss soulfully.
Share holy erotic.
Lose your mind.
Kiss him in the rain.
Body paint her in adoration.
Be thoughtful.
Drop your walls.
Rescue her.
Appreciate him.
Whisper to the moon.
Tell yourself the truth.
Love the mystery.
Write the book.
Do unto others.
Be generous with love.
Get strong.
Flirt playfully.
Share bubble baths.
Love one person completely and well.
Make love, with God, in Holy Trinity.
Be the fire.
You are the candle, burning.

©Rory Kelly Connor 2016
All rights reserved.

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