About Me

Rory Kelly Connor, also known as The Love Queen, is a writer, love luminary and strategy expert who teaches workshops and provides counsel and coaching to executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives. She is a brilliant spiritual teacher who liberates through teaching others how to apply Universal Law, evolve in consciousness, balance the masculine and feminine energies, move into unconditional love and release fear. She is dedicated to healing minds and hearts through the Way of Love.

Big City, Big Business, Big Money, CEOs & VP

Rory brings nearly 20 years of real world business expertise and personal growth teachings to her writing and work with clients. She worked for many years in NYC at worldwide PR agencies, most recently as a Vice President, leading accounts for Fortune 500 companies and brands. She also owned and operated two consultancies, serving clients on four continents. She has coached, taught and trained thousands of people how to strategically plan and get the results they desire in work and life, surmounting obstacles within and without.

In addition, Rory has an expertise in crisis communications, media relations, and strategic and motivational writing. She has media trained CEOs, physicians and celebrities (among other experts), scripted and produced numerous video and audio news and consumer awareness pieces, and pitched and placed millions of PR stories in every kind of media in the USA. She has also created and executed scores of successful multi-million dollar client initiatives and programs, both in the USA and internationally. As a valuable part of clients’ teams, she has traveled all over the USA and Europe to execute and support clients’ objectives, providing on-site expertise in such places as Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Miami, Atlanta, Huntington Beach, Tampa, San Diego, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm, among many others.

What’s new: Rory is currently supporting clients from several Fortune 500 companies and prestigious organizations, including Avon, Hearst, Rowan University, and the Mayor’s Office in a major metropolitan area, among others.

Teaching and Special Skills

Rory is an ICF-accredited certified life/career coach and Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner. She has conducted workshops on fear, transitions, hiding, the Divine Feminine, Universal Law, vibrancy, sensuality, PR, branding, entrepreneurship, generating results, and working with the media, among others. She was a Featured Coach for the prestigious New York Women in Communications Inc. (NYWICI) for four years, an organization for which she served on the Board of Directors for two years and received the Liz Hoover Award for excellence and leadership for her oversight of the Cocktails & Conversations series of events. In addition, Rory studied Pharmacy for two years at Rutgers University and earned her Bachelor’s in Communications magna cum laude from Rowan University.

What’s new: Rory is currently teaching select clients a new way of meditation that takes a person into the “castle” with God for an intimate and sacred personal “church” experience. This method blends prayer, chakra activation and alignment, breathing and integration of the Human Divine (heart, mind, body, and Soul) creating a powerful meditative communication with God.

Writing, Books and Authors

Rory has been writing since grammar school. At 13, she began her first novel (a teen romance) that she circulated amongst classmates as each much-anticipated chapter was finished. Incidentally, at graduation that year, she was voted Girl Most Likely to Succeed. Since then, Rory has written almost every kind of marketing communications collateral and PR piece imaginable, including press releases, media pitches, video production scripts, Q&As, facts sheets, advertising copy, resumes, white papers, direct marketing mailers, website copy, and sales sheets, among many others. As a coach and strategic advisor, she wrote dozens of insightful growth and empowerment articles for two respected portals based in Canada and India (an ezine and blog) that were read by a huge international audience. She also blogged for her consultancy’s mailing lists, many of which were shared on social media platforms. In 2014, Rory’s inspirational writing was published in book form for the first time in The 7 Joys of Life by Amit Nagpal, in India.

Rory has coached and counseled quite a few authors and writers, including the best-selling author of more than 15 books, Daylle Deanna Schwartz (d.2014). She has also provided strategic and editorial counsel on writing and book content, flow and ideation to entrepreneurs, coaches and freelance writers.

What’s new: Rory is currently writing both her first fiction and non-fiction books with several other writing projects in development. She has also resumed writing poetry.

Music and the Voice

Rory recently joined YinRadioTV led by Hillary Raimo as a Guest Radio Host at Achieve Radio. Using this communication medium, Rory moves into another channel to use the power of her words to teach, inspire, heal and provoke change. As The Love Queen, Rory stays committed to the Way of Love and the abiding truth that only love is real. Her first show, which is now archived at YouTube, premiered on July 12th at 8pm EST.

In addition, Rory is a classically trained singer who studied voice performance/music at Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts (now University of the Arts). She has performed solos at numerous churches and public venues, as well as singing with two choirs. Her participation included performances at the Vatican, Carnegie Hall, with the Metropolitan Opera’s Barbara Dever, and providing backup for Barry Manilow at the Susquehanna Bank Center.

What’s new: Rory’s new meditations MP3/CD is available for pre-order now; download and shipping launches by Christmas 2016.

The True Sexy – Where Human Meets Divine

Over time, Rory has evolved into a spiritual teacher and guide through years of study, personal growth and diving deep into the healing work of evolution with her clients. As an intuitive and an empath, she brings a unique and provocative insight to unspin all that isn’t love so we can move into love, rise to love, and stay in love.

Rory teaches workshops and works one-on-one with clients to teach them how to become fully integrated human beings aligned at the intersection of their unique human divine, what Rory calls the “true sexy.” In alignment with love, we bring our minds, hearts, bodies and Souls into harmony, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within each one of us and our relationships at home, work and in the world. This consummation of masculine and feminine energies within the paradigm of love is sexy, creating the perfect channel for the flow of the Divine through us, as us, to us and for us, birthing Heaven on Earth. Rory knows that there is nothing sexier (confident, beautiful, powerful, exciting, stimulating and orgasmic…) than being connected through love to ourselves, each other and God (Source) and “making love” in all we are and do. As above, so below.

Behind the Scenes

Rory is an enthusiastic photographer who loves the power and meaning that can be conveyed by juxtaposing words and visuals. Her favorite things include books, skiing, travel, art, movies and football. She likes both yoga and working out at the gym. She is frequently found in NYC (where she lived and worked for many years) for both business and pleasure. Born in the sign of Pisces, her Book of Life primary influence is the 4 of Diamonds, and her masculine and feminine energies are predominantly balanced. She is often described as smart, sexy and strategic. Her voice can be hypnotic, and she has a way with words. She’s not done yet.

Rory currently lives in Southern New Jersey, USA, with The Golden Child, aka Hollywood (her 16 year old son).