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The Love Monologues: Lesson 2

The Love Queen

The Love Queen (Rory Kelly Connor) is back with Lesson Two of The Love Monologues! In this second of a series on Love and the premise Only Love is Real, Rory dives into Love and relationships. Integrating the self and the other through relating in the framework of what is and isn’t Love, Rory challenges you to be Love in a very powerful way that works. Grounded, authentic and real, Rory knows what works and what a lot of people…

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    A Date with Love and Hate


    It took me nearly 15 years to go back again. I’d returned to work just a few blocks away the week after it happened. And once, I’d passed by the area…

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    The Love Queen Returns to YinRadioTv


    The Love Queen is back on YinRadioTv on Tuesday, Aug. 16th at 8pm with The Love Monologues – Lesson Two! Join Rory Kelly Connor as she teaches a lesson on Love…

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    I See You


    I see you. My blue eyes partner with my Inner Eye. I see your darkness and your pain. Sometimes I feel it, too, As if it were my own. Yet, I…