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Mind Control: The War on Love @YinRadioTv


The Love Monologues – Lesson 3 Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 at 8pm EST @YinRadioTv Join Rory Kelly Connor, The Love Queen, for Lesson 3 of The Love Monologues at YinRadioTv. Rory will be talking about Mind Control: The War on Love propagated by the new age mind movement. In this provocative program filled with examples and a story or two, Rory will probe the questions many are asking: With so many teachers, coaches, self-help books and teachings on love and…

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    The Love Queen (Rory Kelly Connor) is back with Lesson Two of The Love Monologues! In this second of a series on Love and the premise Only Love is Real, Rory…

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    A Date with Love and Hate


    It took me nearly 15 years to go back again. I’d returned to work just a few blocks away the week after it happened. And once, I’d passed by the area…

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    The Love Queen Returns to YinRadioTv


    The Love Queen is back on YinRadioTv on Tuesday, Aug. 16th at 8pm with The Love Monologues – Lesson Two! Join Rory Kelly Connor as she teaches a lesson on Love…